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Discovering the Right Type of Doors to Match the Style of Every Miami Home

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 06/22/17 | Category: Doors

Florida’s homes possess architectural styles that are an eclectic mix of the old and new. And with all the sophisticated abodes in the vibrant city of Miami, simply selecting the perfect door frame or style can be a tough decision. By identifying key features that each architectural style is known for, one can learn about the options for shapes, sizes, and material finishes that will marry well with any theme.

Great Miami Homes Are Better Showcased with the Right Type of Doors

Timeless Allure of Foreign Elements

Showcasing influences from Latin roots of yesteryear, many houses in this region are built in the Spanish and Mediterranean style. Perfect for the warm and sunny months, these homes exude earthy tones through clay tiles, stucco walls, and other terracotta elements. You may often find a small courtyard in these houses, and each room has a small balcony with dark iron rails.

Homeowners often choose grand arched doorways to match the opulence of their Spanish or Mediterranean themed home. The door frames are often made of deep-colored woods, and edges adorned with wrought iron finishes. These aspects are reminiscent of the lifestyle and splendor of influential families that frequented these vacation spots.

New Urban Gives New Meaning to Seaside Living

A popular style in the 1980s, New Urban was the look of choice for communities living near the beach. With shingled walls and windows with characteristic wooden shutters, these houses were the ideal retreat for families who want to feel the cool sea breezes. There were small balconies and mini-porches with white railings that make for a bright and sunny look.

Most doors in Miami homes of this type are basic, symmetrical, and made of solid wood. Some patio and porch doors them were fitted with thin wooden slats that allow ample light and ventilation to enter the home.

Show off Your Own Flair through Contemporary Styles

Contemporary homes exhibit clean lines, slanting roofs or multi-level roof lines. Windows are often wide and with few embellishments, maximizing the use of natural light. These abodes use a variety of materials from wood, marble, stone, brick, iron, and steel.

Keeping true to geometric details, front doors for these homes are simple, single-colored, sleek, and often do not have any intricate designs. Doors are often made of warm wood finishes like pine, oak, or cherry. A single glass window, may be also be found on the door, as this allows light to enter, and gives a partial view of the front porch. For the back porch or patio, sliding doors are popular elements, allowing for easy access and a more vast view of the outdoors.

To truly match the perfect doors for your dream home, talk to the experts today. They’ll help you discover the best materials and styles to suit your design needs.


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