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Impact Doors Are Becoming a Growing Necessity in Miami Residences

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 07/13/17 | Category: Doors

According to the Miami Weather Forecast Office's (WFO) County Warning Area (CWA), the southern portion of Florida averages 12 severe wind disturbances per year. This number is based on actual storms that occurred from 1955 through 2004. With everything from tornadoes and hail to hurricanes, it is easy to see the importance of impact doors in Miami.

What Is Impact Glass?

Impact glass, used in many patio doors today, is the addition of polyvinyl butyral that is sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass to provide high-strength durability. The nature of the area's strong winds convinced architects that something needed to be done in order to bring a safer product to the market. One important safety feature of impact doors includes tensile strength properties that make the glass sturdier than a car windshield. This does not mean that impact glass will never break, however. What it means is that it will not shatter into bits. The refined design is acceptable in frames made of aluminum, vinyl or wood. According to those in the glass industry, aluminum is the most popular choice for framing.

Impact Doors Serve as First Line of Defense Against Severe Weather

Safety Plus Aesthetic Appeal

When impact doors are installed, unsightly shutters and other exterior protective devices are not needed. Instead of trying to keep outside barricades in sync with the style of your home, fabulous open windows can keep your property looking more attractive. The safety of impact glass and doors also provides peace of mind to homeowners that may be away from the house when a storm begins to brew. Homes have a better chance of withstanding battering winds and in many cases, insurance premiums decrease due to the extra protection.

Secondary Benefits

There are many other benefits to add impact doors during a home improvement project. For instance, external noises will be kept at a minimum due to the density of the structure. The sturdy glass also blocks 99 percent of all transmitted UV light, keeping your home cool and energy efficient during summer. Best of all, installing impact doors is considered as permanent solution since protection is pretty much guaranteed.

There are many local window companies like Ready Windows that have adapted the new technology of impact windows and doors. Trained professionals with years of experience can quickly install your impact doors and guarantee their quality. They can make a custom system for your home to ensure that each product suits all of your needs.


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