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Impact Doors Are Becoming a Growing Necessity in Miami Residences

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 07/13/17 | Category: Doors

According to the Miami Weather Forecast Office's (WFO) County Warning Area (CWA), the southern portion of Florida averages 12 severe wind disturbances per year. This number is based on actual storms that occurred from 1955 through 2004. With everything from tornadoes and hail to hurricanes, it is easy to see the importance of impact doors in Miami...


Miami Windows Experts Share 5 Great Ways to Enhance Window Security

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 06/22/17 | Category: Doors

Florida's homes possess architectural styles that are an eclectic mix of the old and new. And with all the sophisticated abodes in the vibrant city of Miami, simply selecting the perfect door frame or style can be a tough decision...


Different Types of Quality Custom Doors to Choose From for Your Miami Homes

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 05/25/17 | Category: Doors

When choosing custom doors for Miami homes, it's important to keep in mind that the heat and humidity that is so common in Florida can take its toll on an exterior door. This is especially true if your front door is exposed to direct sunlight and the damaging effects of UV rays. Of course, some materials will be able to stand up to this environment better than others.


Tips for Getting Quality Impact Doors to Protect Homes from Hurricane Damage

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 03/27/17 | Category: Doors

Living in Miami can be considered one of the best experiences you ever enjoy. The pristine beaches, constantly sunny weather, and its beautiful scenery certainly make every day worthwhile. However, if you live in Miami, you know these sunny days do not go on forever.


Important Considerations When Thinking about Installing Custom Doors in Your Home

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 03/06/17 | Category: Doors

Most people think of doors as a mechanism for merely entering and exiting, but they are meant for so much more in the modern home. They can be used to enhance the look of the interior or your home's curb appeal for all who drive by to see.


Prepare for Hurricane Season Early On by Installing Impact Doors on Your Home

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 01/19/17 | Category: Doors

If you live in Miami, you know that it is never too early to prepare for hurricane season. After all, strong winds of any kind can impart great damage to your home, which is why you need to fortify it against these threatening weather conditions.


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