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Your Home's Windows, Whether Enhanced or Replaced, Can Add Value to Your Home

Published by: Jose Mendez | Punlished Date: 02/22/17 | Category: Windows

The value of your home is predicated on many things, both subtle and grand. Windows are a perfect example. At the top of the curb-appeal list, windows must perform a function and draw attention at the same time. They serve an aesthetic purpose but must repel the elements while keeping either cool or warm air inside, depending on the season. When it comes to either purpose, the slightest modification or a complete replacement of windows can add value to your home. Following are some ideas and factors to consider when applying a makeover-no matter how substantial- to your home's windows.

Know Why

In order to give your renovation project some direction, you need to figure out why you are upgrading the windows. Is it because they have lost their personality or is something structurally wrong with them?

Important Considerations When Trying to Enhance Residential Windows

The first problem won't cost as much. You could paint the windows a different color, for example, to bring back some pizzazz and make them look newer. Or, you may just need to replace broken panes or sash cords. These types of repairs cost around $100 to $350 per window. If structural problems are present, it may be time to replace your windows completely.

Types of Windows

If replacing your windows is a necessity, there is a wealth of styles to choose from. However, consider your budget because not all windows cost the same. In terms of looks and function, sliding glass windows are ideal. Featuring a much larger design than double-hung windows, glass sliding windows lend you unobstructed views of your surrounding property. They can serve as a portal to the natural beauty of your home's landscape. If you want to breathe in the fresh scents of nature, these windows are easy to slide open, thanks to their design.

Because this type of window is free of complicated parts, it is easy to completely shut. You therefore don't have to worry about rising energy costs. They are also designed to last for a long time, provided that you follow up on proper maintenance.

Casement windows are another popular option to consider and generally open with use of a crank. They seal tightly when closed and offer ample ventilation whenever a room needs the infusion of a cool breeze during the day or on a warm summer's night.

Windows are multi-faceted home components, important not only for looks, but for energy-efficiency, comfort, and home valuation. A company that specializes in windows can install new ones quickly or provide materials to enhance existing windows, depending on what your Miami home may need. Either way, such experts can keep you within your budget and provide helpful advice.


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